Protecting Gluten in a Weak Dough
Autolyse, it's what everyone does. However, were you aware that doing an autolyse when you are dealing with a weak[...]
The New Fourneau Bread Oven Insert
I was sent a Fourneau Bread Oven insert by the Fourneau company to test out. Wow, was it fun to[...]
Baking “Sour” San Francisco Sourdough Bread
My favorite loaf is the very sour San Francisco Sourdough style bread. It's why I started baking sourdough almost 14[...]
Interested in a Bread Baking Retreat/Vacation in France?
Now for some great news! I was approached by a lovely sourdough baker who has a wonderful place in France.[...]
Make Your Own Sourdough Starter With Me Event
Hello everyone! Today I started the "Make Your Own Sourdough Starter With Me" Event. The videos will be on Youtube[...]
Make a Sourdough Starter With Me
Hello Everyone! To start off the new year I want to make a new sourdough starter and have those that[...]
Happy Holidays Everyone!
Happy Holidays Everyone! I hope you are all doing well and baking up some fun new breads for the holidays.[...]
What’s Going On
Hello and welcome to all of the new members of The Baking Network. November was our launch month and it[...]
Launch Day! Prizes, Gift Card, Discounts!
 Edited: See HERE for list of winners.Hello everyone! I'm sooooo excited about the launch of:  The Baking Network! Launch day is[...]

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