What’s Going On
Hello and welcome to all of the new members of The Baking Network. November was our launch month and it[...]
Launch Day! Prizes, Gift Card, Discounts!
  Edited: See HERE for list of winners. Hello everyone! I'm sooooo excited about the launch of:  The Baking Network! Launch[...]
The New Mockmill 200 in Action
At the beginning of October Paul Lebeau paid me a visit. He brought the new Mockmill 200 to demonstrate. I[...]
Updates and Information
Walnut Chocolate Cinnamon Rye Sourdough (see the formula here) Hello everyone! How is The Baking Network working out for you?[...]
Bake Real San Francisco Sourdough Bread
I was so busy getting my new course ready and working on my new site (https://thebakingnetwork.com) that I forgot to[...]
News and a New Formula
Hello fellow bakers! There have been several new members join this past week, welcome! I realize this site still looks[...]
Reviewing the new Mockmill 200 home mill
  Let’s take a look at the Komo Fidibus 21 (Harvest 250) compared to the new Mockmill 200.   For[...]
Feeding Your Sourdough Starter
​ ​Hello fellow bakers! A student asked me what ratio to feed a sourdough starter at and so I felt[...]
Hello and Welcome!
Hello and welcome to The Baking Network! This is a new baking membership site for all bakers from around the[...]

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