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Example Post (No replies)

Teresa L Greenway
1 year ago

Hello! This is an example post to show you how the post might look. 

I have a Bosch 500 series double wall oven for sale. In like new condition. Cost $3200.00 paypal or check.

Please contact me at [email protected] for more information. 

I will not ship this item, so unless you are willing to arrange shipping, please only those in the general area need contact me. I am in Western WA state USA. If you have something to ship, figure out shipping before closing the sale. Find out where the buyer lives and compute the shipping. You might add a small amount to cover packing. 

Okay everyone, this is just an example, I don't really have this oven for sale, I'm actually using it. 


Bosch Oven 500 series

You will need to use a photo editor to cut down the size of your photos.


Happy Baking! Teresa

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