Whole Wheat Bread – Using Old Starter
Double Hydration Whole Wheat Loaf - Using Old Sourdough Starter Teresa L Greenway - All rights reserved worldwide May 2019[...]
Rye Sourdough with Cracked Wheat
Rye Sourdough with Roasted Cracked Wheat Mmmmmm… it smells terrific! This bread fresh out of the oven smells awesome! It[...]
Overnight Sourdough with No Folds
Overnight Sourdough This is a formula from almost ten years ago (2010), when I was experimenting with various aspects of[...]
Wheat ‘n Teff Seeded Loaf
I had some Yecora Rojo berries wheat left from the bag of wheat berries that Guy Frenkel sent me so[...]
Quick Multi-Purpose Dough
Sometimes you want your dough done the same day because you need something for dinner, like focaccia bread, bread sticks,[...]
Harbor Bread
Harbor Bread is a tasty sourdough bread with 28% freshly ground whole wheat. Harbor Bread - all rights reserved worldwide[...]
Potato Water Sourdough Bread
Potato Water Sourdough Printable Recipe The beautiful color, tender crumb and superb flavor of this loaf are a result of[...]
Whole Wheat Sunrise Loaf (32% whole wheat)
Whole Wheat Sunrise Loaf - with 32% freshly ground white whole wheat added. Teresa L Greenway - all rights reserved[...]
Sourdough Ciabatta Bread
This is an excerpt from my new online course: "Sourdough Bread Baking Discovery." Check the members forum for a discount[...]
Griffin’s Sourdough Bread
All rights reserved worldwide 2009  Teresa L Greenway Printable Recipe This formula is an excerpt from my 400 page book,[...]
Versatile Basic White Sourdough with Variations
This basic white sourdough is at a lower hydration of 66%. If you really want a higher hydration dough, I've[...]
100% Whole Wheat Sourdough at 80% Hydration
Camas Country, a mill in Oregon, I'm trying out a new bag of their hard white wheat flour. This formula[...]
Test Loaf Formula Whole Wheat Variation
Test Loaf - 50% Whole Wheat Variation Printable Recipe Teresa L Greenway All rights reserved worldwide Jan 2018. This is[...]
Test Loaf Full Formula from “Make Your Own Sourdough Starter With Me!”
Test Loaf  Printable Recipe Teresa L Greenway All rights reserved worldwide Jan 2018. This is the test loaf formula used[...]
Light Onion Rye Loaf
This is a higher hydration rye bread to help obtain a holey crumb, it makes approximately 4 lbs. Light Onion[...]
Big Bear’s Bread
This is an older post from many years ago (2011), but it was/is a very popular loaf because of the[...]
Dill Onion Rye Loaf
Dill Onion Rye Sourdough Bread This is an easy rye bread for those who are hesitant about using rye flour.[...]
How I Do Desem
This post is from over ten years ago when I first started experimenting with Desem: I had several emails asking[...]
My Adventures with Desem
My Adventures with Desem I experimented with Desem back in 2006. The following are my adventures with Desem bread more[...]
Blueberry Walnut Rye Sourdough
I love berries of all kinds, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, etc. We have a u-pick um blueberry farm here about an[...]
Potato Flax Sourdough Bread
Leftover mashed potatoes are a good thing when it comes to baking. I used potatoes and flax seeds to help[...]
Motherdough Bread
The following video series is an excerpt from one of my online baking courses: "Sourdough Bread Baking Experiments." Motherdough Bread is a[...]
Flaxseed Ciabatta Hybrid
For World Bread Day I decided to bake up some Ciabatta. I had completely forgotten it was WBD until I[...]
Orange Rye with Cranberries
 I was craving a dense, moist rye bread with something new to it. So I decided to use a whole[...]
Desem Onion Rye Bread
Desem Onion Rye Bread Printable Recipe All rights Reserved Worldwide - Teresa L Greenway This is an older formula from[...]
Pumpkin Sourdough Bread
PUMPKIN SOURDOUGH Printable Recipe All rights reserved worldwide - Teresa L Greenway Pumpkin Sourdough uses pie pumpkin or Winter squash.[...]
Pink Wig Sourdough
All rights reserved worldwide - Teresa L Greenway  2010 This recipe was inspired by Sue, who tries to maintain a[...]
Sourdough Chocolate Cinnamon Rye Loaf
Wow, did this bread ever smell great, in dough form, while baking and ... while eating! It is at it's[...]
Sunny Sourdough
It was a wonderfully sunny day  so I named this bread Sunny Sourdough. Sunny sourdough is made with motherdough that[...]
Blonde Wig Sourdough
I have a dear friend who is fighting cancer. The chemo treatments leave her unable to eat much but she[...]
Caramelized Onion Cheese Loaf
When I was young, there was a bakery in town that specialized in a Cheese Onion loaf. It was a[...]
Old Dough Farmer’s Loaf
All rights reserved worldwide - Teresa L Greenway Old Dough Farmer's Loaf Printable Recipe In the after noon around 1:00[...]
Do Nothing Bread
Do Nothing Bread - Inspired by Yohan Ferrant All rights reserved worldwide Teresa L Greenway At the "Quest for Sourdough"[...]
Sourdough Bran Bread – Formula
All rights reserved worldwide - Teresa L Greenway  Sept 2017 This sourdough bran bread was formulated to use up the[...]

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