Sourdough Sour Cream Biscuits
Sourdough Biscuits are so good! This morning I decided to bake up some Sourdough Biscuits. I already had the oven piping[...]
Sourdough Pizza Crust
All rights reserved 2018 - Teresa L Greenway This sourdough pizza crust is soooo good! Chewy, crisp and filled with[...]
Sourdough Waffles from “Make Your Own Sourdough Starter With Me!”
Sourdough Waffle Formula: Teresa L Greenway All rights reserved worldwide Jan 2018. Small batch for about 3 waffles: In first[...]
Sourdough Kaiser Rolls
Sourdough Kaiser rolls are so chewy and tasty. They make great sandwiches. This recipe makes about 18 rolls (do a[...]
Sourdough Apple Cranberry Muffins
Cranberry Applesauce Muffins To help use up that extra sourdough starter, bake up some of these wonderful muffins! This batter[...]
Sourdough Ableskivers
SOURDOUGH ABLESKIVERS Delicious Ableskivers! Makes approximately 20 Ableskivers. Add together in first bowl: 1 cup sourdough starter @ 166 %[...]
Easy Small Batch Sourdough Pancakes
Easy Small Batch Sourdough Pancakes These pancakes are quick and easy to mix up and it's a small batch for[...]
Bagels and Blueberry Man Bait
Plain Bagels and Blueberry Man Bait All rights reserved worldwide - Teresa L Greenway When my daughters were of "that"[...]
Pumpkin Muffins & Bread
It's that time of year for baking with pumpkin and squash! I bought a pumpkin squash, baked it, and made[...]
Cream Cakes (Pancakes)
Okay so I did something amazing this morning. I made up a formula for pancakes that will be my go[...]
Sourdough Sweet Potato Muffins
It's that time of year where baking of squash, sweet potatoes (and/or yams) and other such autumn treats are pretty[...]
Sourdough Fat Pretzels
   Sourdough Fat Pretzels Soft Sourdough Pretzels with cracked salt. Start this dough later in the day. These pretzels are[...]
Sourdough English Muffins
This post is an excerpt from my four volume book "Discovering Sourdough." SOURDOUGH ENGLISH MUFFINS English Muffins are griddled, they[...]

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