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Hello! My name is Teresa L Greenway, I'm a sourdough fanatic and baking instructor. I love my profession! I believe that anyone can bake a great loaf of artisan sourdough bread, it just takes determination and a sense of adventure! Baking is fun and addicting! This site is for those who are obsessed with baking... like me!

16 years ago I began my baking journey with a site to help others learn to bake with sourdough. My journey now includes:

  • This membership site
  • Published baking books
  • Memoir
  • Over 21 thousand online baking students
  • Over 100 thousand followers on my social media sites
  • Interviews
  • Featured on a television baking show
  • Workshops
  • World travel
  • Baking product reviews

And guess what? I'm still obsessed with baking! Join us and begin your own baking journey, who knows where it will lead you! 

Meet Our Baking Experts:

Teresa Greenway

Alessandra Rosati

Andrew Ross

Piotr Lesnianski

Beesham Soogrim

Rochelle Greenway

Guy Frenkel

Natasa Djuric

Ralph Neiboer

Anita Singh

Mark Gunderman

Levine van Doorne

The Baking Network is a membership site for all bakers worldwide. The members come from all walks of life including serious home bakers, aspiring bakers and professional bakers. Anyone with an interest in any form of baking is welcome. 

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