Sourdough Baguettes by Claudio Perrando

I’ve known Claudio via Facebook for several years. He is probably best known for being a master of holey breads. You know, the open holey type of crumb that is so nice for holding lots of butter and for dipping, making sandwiches etc. You need good flour, proper hydration and double hydration of your dough is helpful. Double hydration is where you add part of your water to the dough first and then add the rest of it later on. That allows the gluten to bond well before you add the final amount of water to bring up the hydration.

Claudio gave me permission to post this formula with his method for making sourdough baguettes. I’ve added a link at the end so you can visit him on Facebook and see his other delightful, delicious breads. I’ve also made the formula available as a pdf download. So here you go:




  • 50 gr. Starter
  • 50 gr. Whole wheat flour
  • 50 gr. Warm water 35-40C degree’s

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl good together. Place it in a warm place for 90-120 minutes.

Step 2:

  • 75 gr. Bread flour
  • 75 gr. Warm water 35-40C (95-104F)degree’s

Mix with Step 1 and let it rest for 90-120 minutes. PH should be between 4.4 – 4.7


  • 900 gr. Bread flour W320 (which means flour strength 14-16% protein – very important)
  • 100 gr. Light rye flour 960 (which means a medium type rye flour)
  • 25 gr. Salt
  • 800 gr. Water
  • 300 gr. Levain (from step one and two)

Mix both flour’s, levain with 650 gr. of the water amount. Mix first 5 minutes slow speed then mix 5 high speed.

Gluten structure should be 80-90% developed.

Add remaining water in 2 stages, always first low speed then high speed. In the last stage add also the salt. Dough temperature is 22-26C (71-78F) degree’s.

Bulk fermentation is about 5-6 hour’s in 22-24 (71-75F) degree’s. Dough need to double the volume.

Divide the dough (350 gr. ) and do a Pre shape like a cylinder. Cover the dough and let it rest 60 minutes in RT.

Final shape and again let the dough rest in RT (22-24 degree’s) for 1 hour.

Baking time is 20 minutes in 245C (473F) degree’s with steam.

To find more awesome bread visit Claudio Perrando on Facebook.

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