Frozen Dough Pull Apart Focaccia

Pull Apart Focaccia

My daughter left a partial bag of frozen roll dough in my freezer. I was having a dinner with spaghetti and wanted some focaccia to go along with it, so I decided to use up the frozen dough to make the focaccia. Per the instructions on the bag, I took out the dough balls, which weighed 30 grams each, and allowed them to thaw. Once they were thawed, I placed them on an oiled baking sheet and pulled them apart, placing them close together then I spread a thin layer of oil over them so they wouldn’t dry out. I wanted them flattish while they final proofed.

Once they were about halfway through their proof, I stippled the dough deeply with my fingers to create holes for holding melted butter. Then I took about 50 grams of salted butter (alternately you could use olive oil) and using it, gently fried up a clove of chopped garlic in the butter. I didn’t let the garlic get dark, just cooked enough to impart flavor. Then I let the garlic butter cool. Once it was cooled I poured it over the stretched out, stippled dough.

Next I minced some fresh rosemary and thyme, which I sprinkled over the buttered dough. Then came some grated parmesan cheese.

I allowed the dough to finish proofing and then baked it at 350F/176C for about 15 minutes. I would have allowed them to brown more, but I have a fussy eater in my family that likes lighter bread. Some of the dough on the edges were nicely browned though.

Serve the focaccia fresh out of the oven. It’s easy for your guests to pull apart the amount they want.

You could use any roll type dough to make this pull apart focaccia. However, if you use a sourdough type dough, you will have to bake in a hotter oven, around 425F(218C)-450F(232C).

Pull Apart Focaccia

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