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Fourneau Oven Insert 

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The Fourneau Oven Insert is a great way to have a wood fired type oven in your own home oven! See this post to learn more: Foruneau Oven Insert.

Online Baking Courses  
Travel Workshops

Baking courses are available Here.

See more about travel baking workshops HERE

Sourdough Exploration
Bread Magazine 

Baking Equipment

Home Bread Proofer
New Mockmill - Finest Flour Mill 

I love my Brod and Taylor Proofer, as a matter of fact I have two. I can do controlled experimentation and keep my dough at any temperature I choose. 

The New Mockmill 100 & 200 are now available. Mockmill makes great home mills. The stone will grind from a fine flour all the way to a cracked grain. Having a stand alone mill is a great convenience compared to the attachment mills. 

Pan and Cambro Sizes  

See more about baking pan and Cambro container sizes HEREThese Cambo containers will fit into the Brod and Taylor Proofer. 

Lodge Dutch Oven

Pre-seasoned Lodge Dutch Ovens are great for baking Artisan Breads. This is the 5 quart size which is most often used for baking bread. 

Kitchen Aid Mixer - Pro Version  

I have a professional commercial Kitchen Aid. A commercial version has one of the more powerful motors for a professional home mixer. 

See more information about baking equipment here: Gotta Wanna

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