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Baking courses are available through The Baking Network Academy.  Check back often as courses are being worked on right now and will be published soon. New courses will be announced in the blog and in the forums.  Discount coupons will be available in the Foundation Forum. You can also find all ten of the sourdough baking courses here: Online Baking Courses

Discovering Sourdough - Four Volumes 

Discovering Sourdough is a four volume book with 400 pages of information and formulas for sourdough baked goods. Start your sourdough journey with this four volume book packed with formulas for beginning, intermediate and advanced baked goods. You will discover bread, breakfast baked goods, desserts and so much more!  

  • The pdf version with all four volumes is here.
  • Or get the e-book version at Amazon here.
Extreme Fermentation - Companion Book

Extreme Fermentation is the companion booklet to the online baking course of the same name. It is downloadable and printable.
This book covers the "Do Nothing" method made popular by Yohan Ferrant. You can make a large batch of dough and then put in the refrigerator and take some out when you need it. The dough needs very little care and no kneading. It makes remarkably great tasting bread.

  • This booklet is available as a pdf version here.
  • Or as an e-book here.
New Stand Alone Mockmill

The New Mockmill 100 & 200 are now available. Mockmill makes great home mills. The stone will grind from a fine flour all the way to a cracked grain. Having a stand alone mill is a great convenience compared to the attachment mills. 

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