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Hello, and welcome to our membership site, The Baking Network. Here you will find methods and techniques you need to get started in the wonderful world of baking. Baking is fun, challenging and it can be outright addicting! Did I mention it's also incredibly tasty? Get ready to make friends and gain confidence as you enjoy the process of making and eating real slow-food baked goods through our fun and easy formulas, courses and lessons. Scroll down for more details and join us as a member today! 

Professional baking methods for the home baker.

Get bakery level quality from your home kitchen. We break down professional methods for the home kitchen. You can start out with what you have! We have tips and tricks for bakery results that are inexpensive and easy! 

Increase your skill at your own pace.

Easily pick up where you left off. Review material as needed. You can fit baking into your schedule as frequently as your schedule allows, every day or once a month. You are the boss!

Exclusive access to unique recipes and techniques.

This is the place to learn some of the favorites like Flaxseed Heaven Sourdough, Chubby Baguettes and Sourdough Butter Crumb Banana Bread. Learn new techniques from beginner to advanced with our detailed recipes. 

Eat healthful, traditional and delicious.

Current generations are are starting to honor the wisdom of traditional food preparation. Do you know why so many individuals with blood sugar problems and sensitivity to baked goods can tolerate fermented bread? Get ready to find out!

What Others Say


Gives very clear direction. I love the visual demonstrations of the window pane, poke test and visually helping me know if I'm doing right at home. While my first loaf wasn't perfect, it was definitely delicious! I can't wait to keep practicing and perfecting.

Claire Menke 

 Home Baker


I am learning a lot. I have been baking bread for over 40 years, but have just in the last two years been exploring sourdough breads. WOW there is still a lot I can learn.

Merri Lea Hoff

Home Baker


I have been making what I will call "conventional" sourdough bread for years but this class has taken me to a new level in a matter of days! My bread has improved immeasurably in both look and taste.

Denise Palmer

Home Baker

Bake professional level 

Sweets and Treats

It's not only about bread! Impress your friends with classics like croissants, donuts and muffins. As a member of The Baking Network, you will learn timeless baking skills in many categories, even though wild yeast breads will continue to be a spotlight in our material. 

Why the Focus on 


Why do we focus on bread so much and on sourdough in particular? Bread is a staple and for good reason. Naturally risen or fermented bread is now known to be healthier than conventionally prepared baked goods. The naturally occurring bacteria and yeasts break down the carbs and sugars for us. The gluten is also somewhat modified and it is gentle on the digestion. The nutrients and vitamins become more available as the microbes do their job of fermenting the dough. Bread is one of the more intimidating culinary arts to master and includes a majority of professional baking skills. For these reasons, much of our learning material is based around traditional breads that will nourish and sustain you and your loved ones as well as boost your baking confidence in all areas.

"The videos really demonstrate well, making lessons easy to follow. Teresa is knowledgeable and experienced. Her relaxed, friendly approach make the courses interesting and valuable. Thanks for setting me off in the right direction!"
-Anita Smith

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47 Lessons

#1 Sourdough Bread Baking 101

Available immediately for all members

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71 Lessons

#3 Bake Artisan Sourdough Bread Like A Professional

Available in 30 days or immediately

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84 Lessons

#4 Bake Classic Sourdough Breads Like a Professional

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57 Lessons

#5 Old Fashioned Sourdough Baking

Available in 90 days or immediately

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46 Lessons

#2 Sourdough Bread Baking 102 – Exploration

Explore sourdough and find out how to test your flour, what gluten looks like, how to recover from a mistake, compare flour types and follow the life cycle of a sourdough starter.

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