I would like to introduce you to the baking instructors who are teaching courses or skills lessons in collaboration with The Baking Network. You may know many of them through our Facebook group, Perfect Sourdough and through various social networks.

Piotr Lesnianski is baker and owner of Pete's Bakery and Sous chef at The Gatsby in the UK.  

Piotr Lesnianski

Souschef at The Gatsby

Levine van Doorne is a baking instructor from the Netherlands. She is also an author of two bread books. 

Levine van Doorne

sujit sumitran

Beesham Soogrim's baking workshops and instructional skills are in high demand spanning the globe.

Beesham Soogrim

Anita Sumer enjoys giving workshops and is popular on Instagram for her delightful breads and desserts.

Anita Sumer

Guy Frenkel exploded on the baking scene a year ago with his incredibly creative wholegrain breads.

Guy Frenkel

Anna is famous for her lacy bread scoring technique. She teaches online courses and has a baking blog. 

 Anna Gabur

sujit sumitran

Natasa Djuric hosts hands-on baking classes to students from around the world. 

Natasa Djuric

Souschef at The Gatsby

Teresa L Greenway teaches baking around the world through online courses. 

Teresa L Greenway

sujit sumitran

Alessandra Rosati is an accomplished baker, blogger and food magazine editor of "Agrodolce." 

Alessandra Rosati

Ralph Neiboer is a professional baker who also teaches baking workshops worldwide.

 Ralph Neiboer

sujit sumitran

Nelson Mansfield is a trained sous chef from the UK who also teaches online.

 Nelson Mansfield 

sujit sumitran

Featured Instructors and Authors

These are our featured instructors who have generously contributed formulas, baking techniques or articles to our network. 

Souschef at The Gatsby

Chanda Seng is a serious home baker with some really unique breads.  

Chanda Seng

Souschef at The Gatsby

Andrew Ross is a professor of crop, food and soil science at Oregon State University.

 Andrew Ross 

Souschef at The Gatsby

Mark Gunderman is a serious home baker with an interest in bread science.

​Mark Gunderman

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