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More About Flour
There is so much information available on flour... flour types, flour characteristics, how flour is milled, which flour to use,[...]
Flour Quality and Artisan Bread – Andrew Ross
Andrew Ross has joined TBN as an instructor. He is a professor of crop, food and soil science at Oregon[...]
What Does the “Ash Content” of Flour Mean?
The ash content of flour is an interesting subject for bakers. The ash content of flour refers to the mineral[...]
About Bread Ingredients
This article by Ann Currie has some great information about bread ingredients. Excerpt: But how do all these ingredients affect[...]
The Quest for Finer Flour
Quest in understanding flour fineness #2 By Mark Gunderman There are a couple of milling methods for home millers using[...]
Are Finer Flours Better?
Are Finer Flours Better? By Mark Gunderman Let’s have a discussion about whether finer flours are better. First - a[...]

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