Continued Experiments with San Francisco Sourdough

I’ve been experimenting with the San Francisco Style sourdough since I began baking with sourdough over 16 years ago. After a lot of failure to obtain a nice consistent “sour.” I let go of the conventional advice available and struck out on my own.

Finally, after so many years of experimenting, I came up with a method of obtaining a really great “sour” for my sourdough. I continue to experiment, although still using my basic method (you can find it here in my online course, “Bake Real San Francisco Style Sourdough Bread.”) but tweaking the inoculation rate, temps, flour types, hydration etc.

Mainly I do it because I love experimenting and I want to see if I can fine tune my method any further. I’m always aiming for a deeply colored crust (with blisters), loftier crumb, open crumb, full flavor, tangy sour etc.

The formula for this experiment is below.

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I used my Forneau Grande oven method whereby I put in a loaf every 16-20 minutes and then move it to the baking stone to final bake while putting a new loaf into the Forneau for steaming. The Forneau will enable the dough to get terrific oven spring.

The results:

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