Baking Techniques

For Great Bread, Pre-heat Your Oven Adequately
To get a nice open even crumb and great crust on your bread you need a thoroughly pre-heated oven. Many[...]
Dutch Oven Hack
Do you use a Dutch oven and hate when your bread comes out black on the bottom? I've tried using[...]
Baking with Steam
There are a lot of ways to generate steam in the home oven. This is one way that I found[...]
Baking Tips and Hacks
People often ask me questions about baking and when I'm done talking to them, I realize that a list of[...]
How to Get a Blistered Crust
You could be eating fresh bread out of a hot oven on a cold day... doesn't that sound nice? Winter[...]
KD8000 Use the Baker’s Percent Function
The KD8000 Baker's Scale is available here: KD8000
KD8000 Baker’s Scale Fix the Auto Shut Off
The KD8000 Baker's Scale is available here: KD8000
Make Your Own Scoring Knife
This is an easy simple way to make a scoring knife for scoring your dough. It is often called a[...]

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