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Edited: This course is now finished being uploaded and available to join. Members see here:

I have been working on uploading the ninth course for members. It is called, “Experiments with Sourdough.” This course will have nine formulas available once it is finished uploading. There are four formulas uploaded as of today. I will continue to work on finishing the course, but those of you who have access can start the course now. This course will involve experiments with sourdough. We will experiment using autolyse, combining different starters, low inoculation rate, double hydration, incorporating flaxseed water, adding unusual whole grains, using motherdough, boiling dough and lower to higher hydration dough. The following photos showcase the breads we will be baking in this course:

Rainy Day Sourdough

Boiled Bread
A Bit of Spelt
Teff 10
Moon Magic
Butermilk Sourdough
Motherdough Loaf
Cristal Bread
Rustic Loaf

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