Monthly Archives: February 2018

Protecting Gluten in a Weak Dough

Autolyse, it’s what everyone does. However, were you aware that doing an autolyse when you are dealing with a weak dough can be detrimental? During autolyse the enzymes, especially the protease enzyme “eats” gluten. The purpose of that is to help make the dough more extensible (stretchy) so that it has a nicer open crumb […]

The New Fourneau Bread Oven Insert

I was sent a Fourneau Bread Oven insert by the Fourneau company to test out. Wow, was it fun to get a heavy package delivered on my doorstep with the words “Fourneau” written all over it! I had seen ads for the oven in the past when they were gearing up for production and had […]

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