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Sourdough Hot Cross Buns (with orange browned butter frosting)

This post will be available to the public for two weeks and thereafter only available to members of The Baking Network. This version of the traditional Easter time bun is jam packed with flavorful ingredients. Dried fruit, orange zest, plentiful spices and chocolate already create a very flavorful roll. Add some browned butter and fresh […]

Why Use Freshly Ground Flour?

Article by Mark Gunderman – All rights reserved worldwide 2019 (In our Facebook group, Perfect Sourdough, Mark Gunderman answered the question: “Why purchase a home mill? What are the benefits?” I liked his answer and he kindly gave permission to share it with you here: ) – Teresa L Greenway “Why fresh flours”? I would […]

San Francisco Style Bread Course and Private Group

The San Francisco Baking Course and Private group have really taken off. We are having a lot of fun experimenting and sharing our San Francisco style loaves as we learn to promote the “sour” in sourdough baking. The course is available at discount here: Bake San Francisco Style Sourdough Bread. You will find a link […]

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