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The New Mockmill 200 in Action

 At the beginning of October Paul Lebeau paid me a visit. He brought the new Mockmill 200 to demonstrate. I was surprised at how quickly the berries were milled into flour. The resulting flour was so soft on the finest setting.  I knew we wouldn’t have time to bake up some sourdough bread as his […]

Updates and Information

Walnut Chocolate Cinnamon Rye Sourdough (see the formula here) Hello everyone! How is The Baking Network working out for you? Problems and Issues I’ve had some real issues with Paypal IPN protocol communicating with the site, so I had to update everyone’s subscription information by hand. A few members got cancelled by paypal for an […]

Bake Real San Francisco Sourdough Bread

I was so busy getting my new course ready and working on my new site ( that I forgot to even do a post on the new course! My new online baking course, “Bake San Francisco Sourdough Bread,” was the most fun of any of my courses to produce. It was really the culmination of […]

News and a New Formula

Hello fellow bakers! There have been several new members join this past week, welcome! I realize this site still looks a bit empty but it is a “networking” site, so it’s up to you to make it active and fun. Post often, post your formulas, ideas, news, links to news articles and comment on other […]

Feeding Your Sourdough Starter

​ This content will be available to the general public for two weeks and then available only to members after that time.  ​Hello fellow bakers! A student asked me what ratio to feed a sourdough starter at and so I felt it was a good time to answer this question for everyone’s benefit.   This […]

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