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Snowmoon Cookies

This post will be available to the public for two weeks and thereafter only available to members of The Baking Network. This is an original recipe by Teresa Greenway. With the fragrant anise, fruits and toasty walnuts, they smell just like Christmas. The texture is similar to a Mexican Wedding Cake; a delicate, lightly sweet […]

Sourdough Butter Crumb Banana Bread

Banana bread is just not quite as good, in this baker’s opinion, without the crumbs on top. I find that to be the case for most tea breads and muffins. There is just something about the crumbs that makes people say, “Wow!” In the past, my boys wanted me to make a loaf of  “just […]

Candied Orange Peel

Candied Orange Peel Makes approximately 1.5 cups. This easy recipe is a fantastic way to use up leftover orange peel during the holiday season. It has the added benefit of making your house smell divine and the leftover sugar syrup is a very fancy treat in a hot cup of tea or used in place of […]

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