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Four Rapid Methods to Improve Your Sourdough Bread.

Follow this mini-guide and prepare to significantly level up, not only your finished loaves, but your skill and intuition with your process. Ditch the nagging fear of making mistakes and the haunting thought that you might be a bread baking imposter! These easy tips can be perused and filed away in the back of your […]

Summerdaze Sourdough Bread Formula

I called this bread “Summerdaze” to celebrate summer! This formula has a hydration of 70% and also has 9% added freshly ground whole wheat flour. You can of course use another whole grain flour if you like. I used a white wheat, which is not only mild tasting but a very light color to hide […]

Best Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal Cookies – EASY!

Makes 12 cookies Here is a fun October dessert for you. These cookies are unlike other pumpkin spice cookies in that they are chewy instead of cake-y. It’s tough to get that to happen since pumpkin puree brings a lot of moisture to the cookies. This recipe skips the egg in favor of the pumpkin […]

Naturally Leavened Bomboloni (Doughnuts)

Recipe By Maurizio Leo     (with permission) “Naturally leavened bomboloni are essentially sourdough doughnuts (with no sourness). They’re also known as berliner, krapfen, ballen, pączki, donut, and many more names all over the world. It seems everyone at some point figured out that frying enriched dough was incredibly delicious. I’m sure glad they did. These bomboloni […]

Apple butter Cake (Sourdough) with Ermine Frosting

This post will be available to the public for two weeks and thereafter only available to members of The Baking Network. Simply put, this is an incredibly delicious cake. It’s spicy and moist with a wonderfully rich apple flavor. The ermine frosting is very fluffy and lightly sweet. It perfectly offsets the flavorful and substantial […]

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