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Your First Sourdough Test Loaf

Hello newbie sourdough bakers! You made your sourdough starter and now you want to make your first loaf of sourdough bread. I made a whole series of videos to show how to make your own sourdough starter from day one all the way to baking your first loaf of bread. So since you already have […]

Four Rapid Methods to Improve Your Sourdough Bread.

Follow this mini-guide and prepare to significantly level up, not only your finished loaves, but your skill and intuition with your process. Ditch the nagging fear of making mistakes and the haunting thought that you might be a bread baking imposter! These easy tips can be perused and filed away in the back of your […]

Why Use Freshly Ground Flour?

Article by Mark Gunderman – All rights reserved worldwide 2019 (In our Facebook group, Perfect Sourdough, Mark Gunderman answered the question: “Why purchase a home mill? What are the benefits?” I liked his answer and he kindly gave permission to share it with you here: ) – Teresa L Greenway “Why fresh flours”? I would […]

Temperature and Timing San Francisco Sourdough

In my online course “Bake San Francisco Style Sour Sourdough Bread” a student was struggling with over-fermenting the dough because they used their oven as a proofer to keep the dough warm. I usually use my Brod and Taylor proofer because it really helps me dial in the right temperature. However, I decided to use […]

Tiger Bread Rolls/Dutch Crunch

Dutch Crunch, also known as Tiger Bread or Giraffe Bread originated in the Netherlands and was called Tiger Bread or Tijgerbrood. I guess not many people knew what a Tiger looked like firsthand in those days because it definitely looks more like leopard bread! The bread has a delicious crunchy topping which gets it’s flavor […]

Candied Orange Peel

Candied Orange Peel Makes approximately 1.5 cups. This easy recipe is a fantastic way to use up leftover orange peel during the holiday season. It has the added benefit of making your house smell divine and the leftover sugar syrup is a very fancy treat in a hot cup of tea or used in place of […]

Wood Fired Baking Retreat in France

In early September I was lucky enough to visit Pat Hains from Pilgrims au Pain in St. Cirq Lapopie, southwest France. I had the most wonderful time! Southwest France reminded me of some areas of California where I grew up, only it was more quaint, with beautiful old stone buildings, churches and quaint villages.  The […]

Grain to Bread Workshop in Seattle – 2

I attended the Grain to Bread Workshop at the Seattle Culinary Academy in Seattle on June 1st and 2nd 2018. It was a wonderful experience. Mockmill and the Seattle Culinary Academy sponsored the event with Guy Frenkel, Andrew Ross and Will Grant giving demonstrations. Paul Lebeau instructed us on grain milling using the famous Mockmill grain mill. Katherine Weaver Kehrli, dean […]

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