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Temperature and Timing San Francisco Sourdough

In my online course “Bake San Francisco Style Sour Sourdough Bread” a student was struggling with over-fermenting the dough because they used their oven as a proofer to keep the dough warm. I usually use my Brod and Taylor proofer because it really helps me dial in the right temperature. However, I decided to use […]

Parchment Paper or Silicone Mat?

I love parchment paper! I buy large packages of it and use it often. Parchment paper quality varies, it can be thin tissue-like paper, which doesn’t hold up to much heat and falls apart quite easily, or it can be tough enough to use several times before discarding. If you find a brand you really […]

Sourdough Naan

This post will be available to the public for two weeks and thereafter only available to members of The Baking Network. This is my personal take on naan, a yummy, leavened flat bread. Naan is a traditional Asian and Indian bread served with saucy foods like curry. This formula is an easy, at-home method, utilizing […]

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