Gray Friday Sales

(Edited to add: Udemy has extended this sale until December 5th, 2019)

I thought I would beat the rush for Black Friday Sales and offer my online baking courses for sale early. So here are my “Gray” Friday Sales! (I just have to be contrary!)

I don’t actually like to shop during Black Friday or the day after Christmas (Cyber Monday). I’m an introvert and crowds of people are daunting!

This sale price is the lowest price available at any time. All 13 of my online courses will be available at only $9.99 each through November 23, 2019 (that’s four days folks!)

Clicking on the following images will take you to the course where you will see the discount and the contents of each course.

To find out more about what each course offers, click on the image of the course you are interested in.

The Discount code is: BAKEFUN

Each course is ONLINE, at your own pace and for your lifetime.

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  1. I’m confused, your post on FB in the sourdough group and the banner here says the classes are $9.99 each, but when I put the classes in the cart, it now says they are $19.99 each??? I’m elderly & retired and can’t afford that anyway. Thanks

    1. Hi Claire, they are indeed $9.99 each for the next four days. I think you may have been confused by Udemy’s shopping cart. When you click to go to their shopping cart, it shows you more courses at higher prices, which is an upsell. Ignore that and look at the top for the button, “Go to Cart.” Click on that and it will show you the real prices of the courses in your cart.
      You can also just purchase just one course instead of putting it in the cart. Let me know if I can be of any further help and sorry that Udemy’s cart is misleading. Teresa

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