Hello and Welcome!

Hello and welcome to The Baking Network!

This is a new baking membership site for all bakers from around the world. We will be featuring online baking courses from various bakers in our academy.  Look for the discussion forum where you can post photos and get new announcements and see what discussions are going on.  Gold and Platinum members will receive early bird notice plus discounts for new courses and workshops.

You may want to:

  • Check out the discussion forum, introduce yourself and say hello!
  • See what courses are available.
  • Visit the store (resources tab) and see what books, products and formulas are available to purchase.
  • Check the formula galleries to see what formulas are available.
  • Come back often for new updates and to check out what’s happening in the baking world.

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  1. Congratulations Teresa!

    So happy to see this amazing global community that you set up go from strength to strength, spanning continents and uniting every race, creed and culture. What an amazing achievement!

    Wishing you even more success as this site grows and flourishes.

  2. Teresa, I am so pleased to be a part of your continued success! Everything you’ve done turns to gold and I’ve been enjoying my sourdough journey because you’ve made it so educational and rewarding! I truly believe my baking success has been without fail from day one because you have been kind enough to share your knowledge with me and every person who has sought perfection.
    Your courses have kept me intrigued and the whole process of sourdough has saved my life through some very tough times. For that I am thankful and still here to say, “Congratulations my friend”
    I look forward to learning and sharing for many years to come!

  3. Hi Teresa,
    Congrats on the new site.
    I’ve been following and learning from you and your videos for a long time now, so I’m excited to join your new site as well. !
    I’m really enjoying the courses I’ve signed up for, and I’m looking forward to this new site.

  4. Hi Teresa, Congratulations on the new site. I’m looking forward to learning lots of new baking information. Just a note to confirm that I am registered as a Foundation member. Can you please confirm. Many thanks, Lionel Guy

    1. Hello Lionel, I was in the middle of setting up welcome replies for subscriptions, so although you are on the list as being a Foundation member you may have missed the welcome letter. I will see if I can manually send it to you. Thank you for joining and watching our membership grow from the very beginning 🙂 You are one of the first ten members! So happy you joined us! Teresa

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