Make a Sourdough Starter With Me

Hello Everyone!

To start off the new year I want to make a new sourdough starter and have those that haven’t made their starter yet, follow along and interact.

I will start on Jan 10th, 2018. Every day I will film what I do and post it so you can follow along day by day and then you can ask questions and get help if you need it. I will post this whole event to a special page so that when we are done, the page will be there for everyone to continue to follow in the future.

What you will need to follow along:

  • I will be using a blend of half all purpose white flour and half freshly ground whole wheat flour. You can use any flour you like, but the fresher the better. 
  • A 1 to 2 quart/liter container with a lid for keeping your starter (I will use a plastic food container) I don’t recommend glass as it can shatter or pieces chip off and then you lose your starter. 
  • Source of good water that isn’t chlorinated or treated with chemicals (filtered water is fine). 
  • Mixing spoon or stick. 

For the first two weeks we will feed the starter every day and after the two weeks is up, we will test our starters and then bake bread with our new starters.

Be prepared to check in every day and follow along with the progression of a new sourdough starter. During the two weeks while the starters gain vigor we will talk about what we will need to bake bread with by the time your starter is ready.

If you want to join in, then click below to get your name on the “Make Your Own Starter” e-mail list so you can be notified of what’s going on with our event.

You do NOT have to join the mailing list for notifications, instead you can just show up on Jan 10th to my Youtube channel and see what I post and ask questions there under the videos.

Sign up here for "Make Your Own Starter" Event Notifications: 

Let’s have some fun and make a sourdough starter from scratch! See you there! Teresa

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  1. After refrigerating a newly fed starter and then baking within a week, can you leave the starter out at room temp and use it after it rises to peak without feeding it again?

    1. Your question was somewhat confusing for me. If you fed the starter a week ago and then want to take it out and let it peak at room temperature, I would say no. Feed it and then let it peak again before using it.

      If however, you fed it and left it in the fridge only a day or two you can take it out, let it peak and use it. Is that what you mean?

      1. Yes, thank you Teresa, that answers my question. Sorry for the confusion.

        I didn’t think you would need to feed the starter if it became vigorous at room temp after being in the fridge for a week. I’ll be sure to feed before my next bake. Thanks for your response.

        1. Hi Gail, it would depend upon the condition of the starter. If you fed it a low inoculation and it was vigorous and strong still, you wouldn’t have to feed it again. If you fed it a higher inoculation and the starter gluten is weak and/or the starter smells vinegary and strong then feed it again and let it get bubbly before using.

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