Sourdough Bran Bread – Formula

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This sourdough bran bread was formulated to use up the bran leftover from sifting your freshly ground flour. Sometimes you wish to sift out the bran and it can sit around waiting to be used, this in one formula to help you use up your extra bran. You can also purchase bran at your local store and use it instead if you wish.

The dough for Sourdough Bran Bread is at 100% hydration. The bran soaks up a lot of the water so it really isn’t as wet as your usual 100% hydration dough. I will add a variation for a slightly lower hydration dough if you feel uncomfortable trying such a high hydration. This bread is soft, moist and absolutely delicious! The aroma permeated the house and it was quickly devoured, a real winner.

Sourdough Bran Bread

Printable Recipe

First, soften the bran. Measure out:

  • 150 grams bran flakes and then pour
  • 300 grams of boiling water over the flakes.

Make sure the container holding the bran flakes is heat and shock proof and be very careful with boiling water.

Allow the bran to cool while you mix up the rest of the dough.

Now to a dough trough or large mixing bowl add:

  • 250 grams sourdough starter @ 100% hydration
  • 450 grams water (for a drier dough try 400 grams water – 94% dough)
  • 600 grams bread flour

Mix all ingredients together and then let the dough autolyse (sit) for one hour. After one hour add and mix in to the dough mixture:

  • All of the bran mash and
  • 17 grams of sea salt. I used Himalayan sea salt (which is why it looks pink.)

Over the next two hours fold the dough at least three to four times so as to incorporate the bran and salt. Don’t worry about getting it incorporated all at once, rather slowly incorporate the salt and bran as you do the folds.

The dough will begin to look like this:

After two hours of folding, notice if you have a nice window pane and if the dough feels lively and bubbly. If so, cover the dough well and refrigerate overnight for 14-18 hours.


1767 grams of dough at 100% hydration (or 1717 grams of dough at 94% hydration)

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