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Your First Sourdough Test Loaf

Hello newbie sourdough bakers! You made your sourdough starter and now you want to make your first loaf of sourdough bread. I made a whole series of videos to show how to make your own sourdough starter from day one all the way to baking your first loaf of bread. So since you already have […]

Figuring Out Baker’s Percent

Let’s talk about…. Photo above is formula for Onion Cheese Batter Bread BAKER’S PERCENT Baker’s percent can be a difficult concept for those who are new to it. Baker’s use this method because it is easy for them to scale a formula using baker’s percent.With baker’s percent, the flour weight is the scale used to weight […]

Online Baking Courses On Sale

There’s been a huge interest in sourdough baking with the current conditions where we all need to stay home and stay safe. I’ve got several online sourdough baking courses on sale right now (for five days) that I think you’ll really enjoy. We’ll start with course #1 “Sourdough Bread Baking 101” for those who are […]

What is a Pre-ferment?

Teresa L Greenway all rights reserved worldwide April, 2015 Pre-ferments  A Pre-ferment is a pre-fermented dough (or leaven build) which is added to the final dough to impart certain characteristics.  Leaven Leavening is something you use to leaven or make the dough rise. There are many words used to describe the different leavenings available for raising dough. Leavening can […]

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