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Onion Cheese Batter Bread

This bread smells so good when it is baking, that you will have family members hanging around the kitchen. This is an easy to bake batter bread. Check the options below before mixing. This recipe makes approximately 3 lbs 13 oz/ 1729 grams of a batter like dough. Enough to bake 2 loaves. NOTE: This […]

Gray Friday Sales

(Edited to add: Udemy has extended this sale until December 5th, 2019) I thought I would beat the rush for Black Friday Sales and offer my online baking courses for sale early. So here are my “Gray” Friday Sales! (I just have to be contrary!) I don’t actually like to shop during Black Friday or […]

Italian Flour and Bread Baking

If you are interested in baking up some Italian type breads (not just pizza), then using Italian flour would help you obtain the authentic flavor and style of the loaf. While browsing on the internet I found a few sites that specialize in selling Italian flour and food products. I noticed that a few have […]

Sourdough Baking has Exploded in Popularity!

In the early 2000’s it was rare to find any information on the internet about how to bake real sourdough bread. Now it seems like everyone is interested! When I tried to figure out how to bake real sourdough bread so long ago, I had very little help or resources. There were only a few books […]

Better Baking Bakers

In this last week of May, when people are transitioning from spring to summer barbecues and picnics, take a moment to check into a new baking course. The following courses are all on sale for $10.99 until the end of May. Most of the courses have not one, but many types of bread formulas. Click […]

San Francisco Style Bread Course and Private Group

The San Francisco Baking Course and Private group have really taken off. We are having a lot of fun experimenting and sharing our San Francisco style loaves as we learn to promote the “sour” in sourdough baking. The course is available at discount here: Bake San Francisco Style Sourdough Bread. You will find a link […]

Temperature and Timing San Francisco Sourdough

In my online course “Bake San Francisco Style Sour Sourdough Bread” a student was struggling with over-fermenting the dough because they used their oven as a proofer to keep the dough warm. I usually use my Brod and Taylor proofer because it really helps me dial in the right temperature. However, I decided to use […]

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