More Fun With Sourdough Baking Course

This is my tenth sourdough baking course and many of you have been asking me to do more with whole grains. As the baking courses have gotten more advanced with newer and more advanced techniques, I have tried to incorporate more whole grains. With this course there are even more formulas and flour blends using whole grains. Ten new formulas are featured in this course. Most of the whole grain flour is freshly ground, however you can use bagged flour as well. These formulas are all made with sourdough, no commercial yeast is used.

The loaves featured in this course are:

  • Khorasan Boules
  • July Loaf
  • Spring Fling Seeded Sourdough
  • CranNut Sourdough
  • Khorasan Batards
  • Organic Red Spring Wheat Rustic
  • One Day Miche
  • Ranch Sourdough
  • Stegosaurus Bread
  • Beetroot Sourdough Bread

You will also learn how to figure out the Desired Dough Temperature or DDT, how to grind and use fresh grains, utilize leftover bran from sifting flour, incorporate low hydration Motherdough, shape 100% hydration dough and also how to make and use dough binders, they are so much fun! 

If you need to learn basic sourdough baking skills, please begin with the first few courses, beginning skills are not covered in this course. The formulas in this course are intended for intermediate to advanced bakers. This course is online, at your own pace with a certificate awarded upon completion.

To learn more about what is included in this course see here: More Fun with Sourdough description.

If you are a member of The Baking Network, you can join the course free here: More Fun with Sourdough

For non members this online course is on SALE until June 8th, 2022 for only $12.99. See here:

Come and join me, let’s have some fun baking more sourdough!

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