Soft Dinner Sesame Rolls

These sesame rolls are a hybrid formula using both sourdough starter and commercial yeast. It is a variation of the Soft Buttermilk Rolls posted earlier. However, this formula uses less butter and more water, so lower in calories, although still very soft and yummy! This formula will make 21 rolls at around 64 grams each. To see what other rolls are available do a search for “rolls” using the search function on this site.

The following formula is printable, use the print icon.

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  1. Please contact me to discuss all your content I have now at Udemy. I can’t print a page on their system like I can on your Bakingnetwork. I have all your bread courses purchased over the years. Some were purchased through this site. You made changes and they were moved to Udemy. I make notes on my recipes and not having a printed page is cumbersome. Can we bring them back to Bakingnetwork? I have no other classes with them but your material. Eva Clary [email protected] Thanks!

    1. Hello Eva, actually my courses all started out on Udemy and I have been moving them to The Baking Network (the courses will still be available on Udemy too). I still have a few more courses to move to The Baking Network. It takes a while and is time consuming as I update each course as I move it. For the courses you have on Udemy, the formulas are all available as a pdf download. So you should be able to download and print out all of the formulas from the Udemy courses. I hope this answers your question.

      1. Hi Teresa, I have purchased all your courses on Udemy in the past. Will I still have access to them on udemy if you are moving these courses to The Baking Network?

        1. Hi Patti, yes, you will still have access to the courses you purchased on Udemy. I do not intend to shut them down on Udemy. The Baking Network, gives access to not only the courses but other content and formulas as well. Teresa

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