Savory Sourdough Flatbread – 50% Whole Wheat

These flatbreads are SOOOOO good! You can get creative and put anything you want on top. You can slice them into wedges, like a pizza or into rectangles, like bread sticks. Any way you slice them, you will enjoy their savory goodness. I used 50% freshly ground whole wheat using my Mockmill 200. It may not look like I used 50% hard white whole wheat in the formula, but since 125 grams of the sourdough starter was white bread flour, you need to add that to the total amount of flour.

Savory Sourdough Flatbread – Teresa L Greenway – All rights reserved

Printable Recipe

  • 250 grams vigorous starter at 100% hydration – fed the same morning
  • 585 grams water
  • 375 grams white flour (bread or all purpose, I used bread flour)
  • 500 grams freshly ground whole wheat flour (I used freshly ground hard white wheat berries)
  • 19 grams sea salt
  • 15 grams oil

1744 grams dough at 71% hydration – enough for eight flat breads

  1. Incorporate all of the ingredients in a dough folding trough ( I mixed my dough at 3:00 pm).
  2. Cover the dough and let it ferment for 1.5 hours then fold.
  3. After another 2.5 hours, fold the dough again and then cover it will some oil and refrigerate it overnight for about 12 -16 hours.
  4. Divide the Dough into eight pieces at around 215 grams each. Then cover all of the dough balls with a damp cloth.
  5. Allow the dough to rest for 30 minutes.
  6. Pre-heat your oven and baking stone to 515F/268C while the dough is resting.
  7. After 30 minutes shape your dough into 7-8″ rounds (see video below) and place them on oiled parchment paper (two per paper).
  8. Cover the rounds lightly with oil to prevent drying.
  9. Let the dough rest and rise for an additional 30-45 minutes.
  10. Working with two flat breads at a time, cover the dough with additional olive oil or melted garlic herb butter and then put on your desired toppings. For fresh herbs, I used Sage, Thyme, Basil and Rosemary. I also used cracked black pepper, cheeses, sesame seeds etc
  11. Keep your toppings minimal, not only for flavor, but so the breads can pop in the oven (these are not pizza).
  12. Bake two flat breads at a time at 515F/268C for about 8 minutes or until desired browness/crispiness is achieved.
  13. Allow the oven to pre-heat for at least 6 minutes between baking.
  14. Only prepare the two flat breads you will be baking, this will stagger the bake and allow the remaining breads to rise even more. It will also give you time to pre-heat the oven between bakes.
  15. Make sure your dough is covered in some type of oil or melted butter because we do not use steam.
  16. Cool the flat breads on a cooling grate and serve while still warm. Enjoy!
Hard White Wheat Flour – by Central Milling
Vigorous 100% Sourdough Starter
Add the Water and Sourdough
Add the Oil, Flours and Salt
Incorporate Ingredients into a Shaggy Dough
After 1.5 Hours, Fold the Dough
Fold the Dough Again After an Additional 2.5 Hours.
The Dough After an Overnight Cold Retard
Divide the Dough into Eight Pieces – 215 Grams Each
Cover with a Damp Cloth and Rest for 30 Minutes.

Shape your dough:

Move Dough with a Large Peel
The Shaped Dough 7-8″ Diameter
Use a Variety of Fresh Herbs, Spices and Seeds for Toppings
I Covered the Dough with Melted Garlic Butter with Herbs
Melted Garlic Butter/Herbs, Parmesan and Basil Leaves
The Dough Puffs Up During Baking
Garlic/Herb Butter, Fresh Herbs and Mozzarella Cheese
A Little Bit of Everything
Some Flatbreads had Just Cheese and Sesame Seeds
Finished Loaves (We ate one already!)
Beautiful Bubbly Interior

I hope you have as much fun baking and eating these Savory Sourdough Flatbreads as I did!


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    1. Hi Suzie, the oil/butter is for flavor as well as for helping the dough stay moist while doing it’s oven spring. However, I feel steam is always a plus, so maybe both.

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