Sourdough Brioche Buns

This is one brioche formula that will make various delightful baked goods. Below you will find the method for making burger buns and croissants from the same dough. You can use your imagination to make other types of baked goods as well, filled breads, cinnamon rolls, jelly rolls etc.

By Svetlozara Ilieva – Formula modified from The Perfect Loaf -All rights reserved worldwide

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    1. Hello Elisa,
      I’ve never tried this. I’m guessing the crumb will be different but the taste will be delicious nevertheless. I’ll be grateful if you share your experience 🙂

    1. Hello Lionel,
      The idea is that you mix everything other than butter, you knead until gluten starts to form (about 20 min at speed 2 in my KA). You add in butter and mix until gluten is fully developed (20-30 more minutes at the same speed). For me, overnight is a period of about 8-10 hours but I also noted that I expect my dough to triple for that time which is the most important here (you know that the rise in volume always depends on the temperature). I’ll be happy to answer all your questions if have any and will be waiting for your feedback 🙂

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