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Walnut Chocolate Cinnamon Rye Sourdough (see the formula here)

Hello everyone! How is The Baking Network working out for you?

Problems and Issues

I’ve had some real issues with Paypal IPN protocol communicating with the site, so I had to update everyone’s subscription information by hand. A few members got cancelled by paypal for an unknown reason. Those members contacted me and I reinstated their membership. At this time, it seems as if everything (with Paypal) is fixed. Since the original information did not load properly though, there might be an issue when it’s time to renew your subscription, if that happens just let me know and we’ll work it out.


For those reading this who are not members, you don’t have to be a member to take the online courses: The Baking Network Academy You also can join the newsletter to receive updates, follow the blog and the guide to Make Your Own Starter and also view the Instagram Feed page. If you are interested in joining The Baking Network please visit the Register page or see the Begin Here page for more information.

New Content

You can find the newest content by visiting the home page.

Spam and Spoof

I still have a problem with emails that are sent to you being marked spam or spoof  and ending up in your spam folder or giving you a warning. It’s not true, they are not spam or spoof, but it will take me some work to get the issue fixed so Google recognizes the emails as legitimate and not spam/spoof. One of my sons is doing the developer side of things and he has been really busy at works pulling 11 hour days so hasn’t had a lot of time to work on the issues.

Some issues I’ve been working on:

  • The log in button is now fixed (although I am still changing it out on some of the pages).
  • We’ve added “Featured Bakers” who will share their formulas with you.

Where are the Instructors??

I have many instructor bakers lined up to share their expertise, formulas, workshops and courses. Some of the courses will be paid, others will be freely shared. A few of the bakers are working on their content, others are busy right now but plan on jumping in as soon as they can. I also have some authors lined up to do some blog posts on many various topics concerning baking and issues connected to baking. I also hope to get some of the companies to post on their products with maybe demos and discounts.

Upgrade, change or cancel your subscription

Look under your “Profile” page to find your “Membership” page where you can upgrade, change or cancel your subscription.

Thank you and Launch date!

So many of you have helped out and I wish to thank you, especially for your patience! I appreciate you letting me know when something’s not working, looks odd, needs improving and your suggestions. Please continue to do so as it is not only helpful but makes the site better for everyone. It’s coming along! It’s looking good (at least I think so!) and I am hoping to launch mid November (I’m shooting for Nov 22nd 2017).

Those of you who are professional or advanced home bakers, if you wish to do a blog post (become an author of this site) or want to add to the Skills section, please contact me.

If you have any feedback use the comments section below. 

Happy Baking Everyone!

Teresa L Greenway

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