Bake Up Some Flatbreads

The great thing about flatbreads is that they’re easy to bake. Everyone enjoys some type of flatbread, pita, pizza, focaccia, tortillas… what’s not to like?

Sometimes, when you mess up a dough, maybe over-fermented it a bit, you can always try and turn it into a flatbread.

Most cultures have some type of flatbread they’re famous for. Flatbreads can be made with sourdough, chemical leaven, commercial yeast and sometimes even no leaven at all.

You can add toppings to flatbreads, leave them plain, just add a sauce/oil or coat them in seeds.

They can be used as a plate, wrapped around a filling, stuffed or featured as the main course. Flatbreads are versatile.

So here’s a few flatbreads you might enjoy making:


Pita Bread:

Fry Bread:

Fried Doughnut Strips:

Savory Flatbreads:


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