Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

Image by Eat Boutique

This post is a featured link for making a classic ice cream sandwich.

Ever want to make your own ice cream sandwiches? Here’s a recipe by Eat Boutique that looks amazing. See here for the whole recipe: Classic Ice Cream Sandwich

This recipe will make a classic looking ice cream sandwich. You can also use brownies, instead of cookie dough and you can use round cookies for an easier ice cream sandwich.

The sky is the limit when it comes to dough and ice cream flavors. You can also use decorative sprinkles, small m&m’s or other small candies to decorate the sandwiches.

Some ideas for flavor combos:

  • Lemon cookie dough with lemon sorbet/sherbet
  • Ginger cookie with old fashioned vanilla ice cream
  • Chocolate cookie with fudge ice cream decorated with m&m’s
  • Chocolate chip cookies with coffee ice cream
  • Peanut butter cookies with chocolate peanut butter ice cream
  • Vanilla cookies with strawberry ice cream

Get the kids involved and see what ideas they come up with!

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