Soft Hybrid Buttermilk Dinner Rolls

These rolls are soft and scrumptious. They are also hybrid rolls using both sourdough starter and commercial yeast. They can be started in the morning and ready for dinner that same day. Makes 24 rolls at 61/62 grams each (easier for the mixer to work this amount of dough) (or divide dough amounts in half for 12 rolls). Or you can make 12 dinner rolls and one loaf of soft bread.

Soft Buttermilk Dinner Rolls

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In a medium saucepan scald:

  • 250 grams of buttermilk
  • 65 grams heavy cream
  • 65 grams water

(To scald, bring the liquids to about 180F/82C then let cool to 80F/26C, do not allow the mixture to boil) To cool quickly, place hot pan in the sink with some cold water under it.

While the liquid is cooling get the yeast ready:

  • Mix 20 grams of warm water with one packet of dry instant yeast (7 grams)

Set aside and let the yeast soften and proof.

In your mixing bowl (I have a 6 quart pro Kitchen Aid mixer) add:

  • Cooled liquid
  • Proofed yeast mixture
  • 200 grams sourdough starter -@ 100% hydration
  • 1 large egg (52g)
  • 40 grams sugar
  • 10 grams salt
  • 200 grams bread flour
  • 520 grams all purpose flour

Mix all ingredients together on low speed (around 2) with dough hook, scraping as necessary until the dough comes together.

Let dough rest for 30 minutes.

Mix on low speed (2) for 15 minutes, moving the dough around as necessary and pulling it down from the hook.

Rest dough for 30 minutes.

Now begin mixing the dough again and add:

  • 113 grams of soft but cool salted butter chunks (one or two chunks at a time until the butter is all incorporated into the dough. 

Continue to mix until the dough pulls a nice strong windowpane. It took me about 30 more minutes on low speed (2). Move the dough around once in a while and pull the dough off the hook if needed.

Take off the hook, cover the mixing bowl with plastic and allow the dough to bulk ferment for two hours or until it rises to the top of the mixing bowl.

Divide and shape into rolls (either small ones at around 61 grams each (for 24 rolls) or larger ones  (whatever you desire).

Place into oiled or buttered baking pans (coating all sides of the dough balls with oil or melted butter) ( I used two pans one was 13″x9″ and the other was 8″x8.”

Cover the dough balls with plastic wrap and final proof at room temperature (72F/22C) for about one hour or until almost doubled in size.

Brush an egg mixture onto the top of the rolls:

  • 1 egg yolk beaten with:
  • 1 14 grams heavy cream
  • Small pinch of salt

Pop rolls into a pre-heated oven at 375F/190C for 10 minutes then turn down the heat to 350F/176C and continue to bake for 25-30 minutes until the rolls are a dark golden brown on top and have browned bottoms. Turn your pans halfway through the bake for even browning if necessary. Interior temperature should be 190-200F/87-93C when finished baking.

Allow the rolls to cool for 5-10 minutes or so and then using a butter knife, loosen around the edges and turn the rolls out to cool completely. Be careful to make sure they are not sticking before turning out.

Serve warm with large quantities of butter



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