Molasses Rye Sourdough – Cool Retard

I live in Washington state on the coast where it stays fairly cool year round. It’s summer here, but our average temperatures are still only in the 60’s.

When baking, it’s always good to use the resources you have. If you live where it’s cool, you can sometimes retard your dough more easily by just putting it in a cold room, a cold porch or even a garage. I’ve even used the trunk of my car to store dough for bulk fermentation.

Having your dough bulk ferment above 40F/4C is a plus because the dough will ferment slowing and continue to rise. Below 40F/4C and it will ferment very slowly or even go dormant. Refrigerators are usually below 40F/4C.

Slow rising, cool retarded dough produces bread with superior flavor in my opinion.

For most people trying to use an alternate source for retarding dough is best in the spring and fall when temperatures are right around 50-60’s F/10-15’s C. See if you have a space around your home that stays cool overnight. If you find a place then you can try the following bread which is soft, moist and delicious. It’s addictive actually.

The dough is made with 25% rye, 25% wheat and 50% bread flour plus some molasses. The dough handles more like clay than dough, it’s pretty interesting.

Here is the formula:

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